Reduce your prepack inventory by 50% or more

January 11, 2024

Is your pharmacy grappling with the challenges of efficiently maintaining inventory of prepack drugs?

DOSIS partner pharmacies have discovered innovative solutions to alleviate this burden and reduce these inventories by 50-75%. Say goodbye to the excess NDC’s and reduce your days-supply of inventory for prepacks.

How do we do this?

Prepack Manager

DOSIS starts with analyzing your throughput to make suggestions on which scripts would be more efficiently prepackaged and which one’s should be on-demand-filled. With Prepack Manager we set minimums and maximums for each drug listed and will automate the fill of cards when those minimums have been reached. READ MORE ABOUT PREPACK MANAGER

Prepack Manager uses 2 different filling methods to optimize inventory.

1. After-Hours filling
Rather than using your daytime manual technicians to fill prepack cards, DOSIS utilizes automation after hours. When you go home for the night, DOSIS Systems runs any prepack cards to meet the standards set for each prepack drug.

2. Idle time filling
Additionally, DOSIS Systems will take advantage of the moments when DOSIS does not have daily or cycle scripts to fill. Throughout the day, your system will be filling cycle, on-demand scripts, and prepacks, optimizing the tower even during idle time.

Convert prepack NDC’s to on demand

Prepack Manager optimizes when a card is being filled and requires less days of prepack inventory. Because of this, a drug that may normally be prepackaged can be converted into an on-demand filling using DOSIS Systems. Many of our pharmacy’s see up to a 75% reduction in need of the days of prepack inventory because of this.

Discover how DOSIS can revolutionize your pharmacy operations by reducing day prepack inventory.

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