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Manage Pre-packaging using automation

With PPM, any pre-packed drug on the list will be managed by our software. If a script comes to DOSIS for a matching pre-pack card, DOSIS systems will produce a label instead of a card.

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The pre-pack card is pulled from the wall, the patient-specific label is affixed, and the pre-pack wall’s inventory is adjusted in DOSIS. Once a card’s inventory drops below the customer set “Low” level, the DOSIS will produce pre-pack cards until the inventory is replenished back to the “Par” level. This pre-pack card filling to restock is completed by the DOSIS after all higher priority scripts have been produced.

DOSIS systems workflow layouts

Set custom inventory levels for each medication and quantity combination. DOSIS Systems is able to reduce pre-packs to 3-day inventory levels.

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