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Frequent questions from customers before considering a purchase.

We have systems running in pharmacies producing over 10,000 all the way to 250,000 blister cards a month, replacing 75% of their manual production. Overall, each tower installed is doing the work of 3 good techs. In the case of the 250,000 card pharmacy we are doing the work of 80-90 techs. We are confident the DOSIS system handle any workload.

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Though our system is robust, it is a scalable system. This means that it builds with your growing business.

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DOSIS integration totals approximately 24 hours of your time. We have narrowed the installation process into 4 steps. 1. Overview Discussions, 2. Site Server Delivered, 3. Analyze workflow & test interface, 4. Installation and Training. We then check in every week for 6 weeks to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

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DOSIS will integrate with virtually any pharmacy management software on the market. For more details visit

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No, our towers are 25"D x 43"W x 79"H and fit through a doorway and plug into a normal 110v power outlet.

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Answering questions about our subscription system

Basically, we offer a monthly price per unit with the ability to return them at any point they are not functioning to your satisfaction.

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