Your Workflow First.
Automation that Supports.

We start with how your pharmacy works best then integrate our system with your pharmacy management system.

DOSIS Systems prioritizes partner pharmacies first.

We strive to accomplish these 4 key components with every partner pharmacy.


Workflow Definition and Goals

What is your current workflow and what are you trying to accomplish?


Software Integration

We integrate with virtually every pharmacy management software on the market.


Productivity & Automation

Our flexible, and ever-improving hardware works around the clock with little attention.


Continued Evaluation

DOSIS Systems evaluates your progress against the set pharmacy goal to ensure that we are truly bringing value every month.

The only fully-automated system with this much flexibility.

Compare the DOSIS System to anything on the market and see the difference for yourself.

DOSIS System Automation
Subscription Contract

Month-to-Month contract that ensures that DOSIS System is meeting your goals every month!

Fully automated and compact

Runs unattended day or night

Seamless NDC changes

Fully integrated to match YOUR workflow

Systems with two or more towers have no single point of failure.

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The Other Guys

Large capital expenditure requiring multiple tech support.

Semi-automated and requires construction for installation

Requires multiple technicians to operate

NDC changes require manual calibration

Lacks dynamic filling methods which requires changing your workflow for their methods

One large system; During failure, all processes halt

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Is it fast enough for my pharmacy?

Absolutely. We have systems running in pharmacies producing over 2,500 all the way to 250,000 blister cards a month, replacing 75% of their manual production. Overall, each tower installed is doing the work of 3 good techs. In the case of the 250,000 card pharmacy we are doing the work of 80-90 techs. We are confident the DOSIS system handle any workload.


Is my pharmacy big enough for automation?

Yes. Though our system is robust, it is a scalable system. This means that it builds with your growing business.


Will it work with my software system?

DOSIS Systems will integrate with virtually any pharmacy management software on the market.


How long does it take to integrate?

DOSIS Systems integration totals approximately 24 hours of your time. We have narrowed the installation process into 4 steps.

  • Overview Discussions
  • Site Server Delivered
  • Analyze workflow & test interface
  • Installation and Training

We then check in every week for 6 weeks to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

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Seeing is believing with the DOSIS System. See for yourself the value of DOSIS workflow through a full demo of a working system.

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