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Automation Scenario: 90,000 cards/month

February 20, 2024

Here is a real scenario of a pharmacy using DOSIS Systems to fill blister cards saving time and money. In one instance, a partner pharmacy processes over 90,000 scripts per month, with 45% (~40,500) of these requiring blister cards. 

Using manual filling to fill 40k+ cards would require over 13 Technicians, however, they decided to partner with DOSIS Systems automated fill as their solution.

With DOSIS Systems, 3 skilled technicians can maintain the integrity of the automation while managing the manual production of the remaining 15%. This strategic approach ensures efficiency and quality control in their operations.

Read about how technicians respond to learning about automation and how it improves their overall value to your pharmacy!

Other reasons to consider automation in your pharmacy.


By automating almost 40% of their total volume, this pharmacy was able to

1. Multiply their production with fewer staff members
2. Save labor costs
3. Improve scalability for the future
4. Improve efficiency in other parts of the pharmacy
5. Improve consistency and overall patient safety

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