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In this quick demonstration of DOSIS Systems, you’ll get…

... An introduction to the DOSIS Systems team

... A first look at the DOSIS Systems platform

... A clear picture of how DOSIS Systems can help optimize your workflow.

This is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. We use industry workflow expertise to integrate an automated, value-adding solution to your specific operation.

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Read the Case Study.

RXInsider produced a case study with one of our Austin Partner Pharmacies.

“Over 40% of our cycle fill being produced by a single technician using the DOSIS towers is definitely significant when you are looking at the bottom line...”

Zach Corbell, Pharm D.

Is it fast enough for my pharmacy?

Absolutely. We have systems running in pharmacies producing over 2,500 all the way to 250,000 blister cards a month, replacing 75% of their manual production. Overall, each tower installed is doing the work of 3 good techs. In the case of the 250,000 card pharmacy we are doing the work of 80-90 techs. We are confident the DOSIS system handle any workload.


Is my pharmacy big enough for automation?

Yes. Though our system is robust, it is a scalable system. This means that it builds with your growing business.


Will it work with my software system?

DOSIS Systems will integrate with virtually any pharmacy management software on the market.


How long does it take to integrate?

DOSIS Systems integration totals approximately 24 hours of your time. We have narrowed the installation process into 4 steps.

  • Overview Discussions
  • Site Server Delivered
  • Analyze workflow & test interface
  • Installation and Training

We then check in every week for 6 weeks to make sure everything is functioning as it should.