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Pharmacies affected by labor shortages.

October 14, 2021

Pharmacies across the country are experiencing…

  1. Skilled labor shortages
  2. Rising labor costs
  3. Liability of current staff when sick

All of these issues present a very clear gap in the prescription fulfilling process.

Fully Automated Blister Card Solutions

Over 300 pharmacies in the US rely on DOSIS to fully automate parts of the pharmacy that don’t need human interaction.

Jason at MChest has been relying on DOSIS Systems for over a decade to allow his skilled labor to focus on parts of the pharmacy that are higher priority.

Automation mindset in the pharmacy

DOSIS Systems automates the portions of your pharmacy that don’t require human contact including processing scripts from your PMS, printing labels, adjusting inventory, and sending scripts to autonomous blister card filling.

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