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1. 28/30/31 Blisters

Depending on the month and need of the patient, our system is designed to fill blister cards with patient needs in mind.

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2. Match prescription quantity

Regardless of whether you are needing a true 31 day cycle fill, a 4 day short/partial fill or a multiple card prescription, our blister cards will handle the varieties of orders you are required to fill.

Additionally, our software supports calendar start dates so the card is filled specifically with the number of the date required.

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3. Smart blister card filling

DOSIS Systems takes care of the logic that comes with the multitude of variables that you may face including:

Med-pass shift based on delivery cutoff times

Skip dose

Split prescriptions for Work-pack/day pack

Ask a representative about specific needs you may have and how DOSIS Systems can automate those processes.

4. Unit-dose printing

We also offer the option of printing unit-dose information on the back of each blister.

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