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July 8, 2021

Our partner pharmacies use DOSIS Systems to reallocate their efforts inside the pharmacy. They look at total volume of production needed and what could be offset by integrated software and automated filling. This type of pharmacy management increases total output without adding more labor expenses. Their good employees are freed up to have a bigger impact in other areas of the pharmacy.

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What areas of the pharmacy can we automate?

We automate the portions of your pharmacy that don’t need human contact including processing scripts from your PMS, printing labels, adjusting inventory and sending scripts to autonomous blister card filling.

In many cases, this even allows you to get more from your limited staff than if you were to hire more employees.

Consider getting scripts into your Pharmacy Management System that integrate seamlessly with DOSIS Systems.  


DOSIS Systems Integration Partners

Our system analyzes what pills can be automated by DOSIS Towers in your pharmacy (in many cases up to 75% of the orders). 

Fillable scripts are sent to our Towers where they are filled, printed and labeled, ready for delivery without ever touching a tech or pharmacists – yes! In many states, even final pharmacist verification can be automated by using DOSIS. 

Imagine if your best employees were able to focus more on your customer-centric tasks because they were freed from many of the repetitive production duties.

DOSIS Towers automate pharmacy operations

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