Blister Card Automation Towers in a Pharmacy

10 Reasons to Consider Blister Card Automation

June 16, 2020

The days of automation technology requiring major hits to CapEx are over.

DOSIS Systems is the only automation solution on the market that allows a monthly subscription to ensure we are proving our value to you every month. We make this easy.

  1. RUNS UNATTENDED day and night, 24/7.
  2. Automate OVER 75% of your current manual filling.
  4. Consistently delivers YOUR CUSTOMIZED RESULTS.
  5. IMPROVES PATIENT SAFETY by reducing human error.
  6. BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY by the equivalent of 3-6 full-time techs with each automation tower.
  7. Automate anywhere from 2,500 TO 250,000 BLISTER CARDS PER MONTH with our configurable system.
  8. NO CONSTRUCTION NEEDED. A robust automation system that is small enough to fit through the door.
  9. Configurable for UNIT-DOSE PRINTING ON EACH CARD. Optional.
  10. Bottom line, SAVE TENS-OF-THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR on operating expenses by automating your production.

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