Pharmacy Automation
that improves your...

We strive to see our Partner Pharmacies thrive by adding an ongoing value to their operation.

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We succeed when you succeed.

Improve your bottom-line by automating blister card production.

Our first priority is to offer a workflow that meets you and your pharmacy’s needs.


Small enough to fit through a door

No more automation products that require major reconstruction of your pharmacy floor.


Powerful enough to handle your production

Many DOSIS pharmacies have automated more than 75% of their production with some DOSIS systems producing over 200k patient-labeled cards per month


Month-to-Month, subscription agreements

We give you a subscription option to make sure you can see the value of automation every month.

Your Workflow First.
Automation that supports.

We start with how your pharmacy works best then integrate our system with your pharmacy management system.

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Proving the DOSIS System Value

Our Partner Pharmacies know
the value of working together.

We know that the value is in improving your efficiency, productivity and your bottom line.



We work with you to bring about a customized solution to your workflow.



Our partner pharmacies see up to 75% of their production volume automated.


Bottom Line

Increasing production while decreasing labor cost equals improved bottom line for your pharmacy.

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