Watch the simplest way to produce Unit Dose single medication blister cards!


L60 With Card
Our best-selling product!
U60 With Card
Unit Dose made simple!
C60 With Card
The answer to your controlled card problems!

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Mike McNaught

Preston Pharmacy

" Since bringing DOSIS into the pharmacy, it has significantly helped with our productivity. When we have questions, customer support never treats us like a number. We always get great service. "

Joe Fuson

Pegasus Express Pharmacy

" The DOSIS L60 machine fit right into our workflow, especially since we are an exclusively long term care pharmacy. We really liked the first one and decided shortly after to purchase more. The L60 is easy to use with quick replenishment of supplies. The assurance and accuracy along with the ability to work after hours with our one technician filling three machines makes our work day much easier. "

Zach Corbell

Tarrytown Expocare

" With built in efficiency for after hours use the DOSIS L60 allows us to get more done. It helps diversify our technicians so that they can do other things while the L60 is running. Compared to other automation, the DOSIS L60 is a lot easier to manage throughout the day. "
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