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Manchac Technologies

We founded Manchac Technologies to provide solutions different from the "status quo" methods of the pharmacy industry. Our unique name reflects this search for a better approach: Manchac is a Choctaw word meaning "the other way". Native Americans near what is now Baton Rouge had two options to get to the open water of the Gulf of Mexico. They either wound 225 miles down the Mississippi River or went 125 miles through a bayou, a swamp, and Lake Pontchartrain into the Gulf. This route was not as obvious as the Mississippi, but it was more efficient for the local Choctaws. This is a great illustration of the mission of Manchac Technologies: provide the better solution, even if it is not the easily-discovered one.

Manchac Technologies, L.L.C. was established in 2006 and develops, manufactures, and supports DOSIS products in hundreds of institutional pharmacies across the United States. Based in Alexandria, LA, we are a product development company focused on providing solutions that make a real difference to pharmacy operations. By automating tedious and error-prone tasks, our robotic solutions produce tangible, per-prescription savings while reducing chaos within the day-to-day pharmacy work environment. Our proven technology solutions scale across pharmacies serving a few hundred patients to pharmacies serving tens of thousands of patients.

Because of our experience with different operating styles of pharmacies throughout the United States, we are confident that we can help find a solution to make your desired operating model more profitable. Our key service, engineering, sales, and management personnel have been involved in thousands of successful technology deployments in a wide variety of pharmacies. We have a passion to help every pharmacy provide more accurate and more cost-effective services for their patients.


Monroe Milton

Monroe Milton President (Founder)

Beginning in 1997, Monroe's professional career has been dedicated to making pharmacies safer and more efficient. He has helped develop and launch many new pharmacy technologies for retail and institutional pharmacies. Monroe's vision and leadership have helped Manchac grow from a technology startup into one of the industry leaders in automation for pharmacies. Monroe holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Daren Burton

Daren Burton Director of Sales

Daren has a long history in manufacturing operations before moving into industrial sales in 2011. He joined Manchac in 2014, and his operations background has been a great benefit to our customers as he recognizes how the DOSIS products can help each pharmacy improve their accuracy and efficiency. Daren leads a team of account representatives focused on delivering solutions which are the right fit for each of our customer pharmacy's unique work flow and requirements.

Jeff Henry

Jeff Henry Director of Engineering

Jeff, a graduate of University of Louisiana - Lafayette, has led engineering and software teams in the pharmacy automation industry since 1999. He joined Manchac in 2008 and currently leads our creative team of mechanical, software, and electrical engineers as they continuously improve our existing products and develop the next generation of pharmacy solutions.

Jade Sillavan

Jade Sillavan Director of Operations

Jade leads Manchac's customer service and manufacturing groups. He started his pharmacy automation career at Baker Automated Prescription Systems (later MckessonAPS) in 1997 in manufacturing. He expanded his role in Quality Assurance throughout APS over the next decade. He joined Manchac in 2008 and has been instrumental in defining customer-centered processes to allow Manchac to grow without sacrificing the personal touch. Jade is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

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